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Unicorns, Dragons, and Airpods Oh My!

The Elusive Unicorn Frappuccino

I never got to taste a Unicorn Frappuccino® .  Here in Ohio, rumors of getting one at the time, was on par with a Cleveland Browns win.  But the mania to find them even over took our small pocket of the Midwest.  People scouring their social media to see where they still existed. Some were trying to see which store would let them preorder on their app, or calling around looking for stores that would offer them hope.  Even Starbucks had to admit the response was great than anticipated.  They simply released a statement saying that what was sent to the stores was all that was being sent. They did leave a note that more fun drinks were on the way.

Most businesses can only dream of the over arching hype that Starbucks created with the campaign. Personally I feel they missed the mark.  The dreaded feeling as a business owner of not having what your customer wants.  Being out of stock, can damage your name and trust with you customers.  I have no fears that Starbucks will continue to sell coffee to the caffeine addicted masses, but it does bring up a good question.  Was this on purpose ?

Apple, Airpods®, and Scarcity Marketing

airpods scarcity marketingThe rush of consumers to get the latest Apple product is a  tradition going back to the early years of the company.  The issue of Airpods was no change in that tradition.  Partly blamed on supply chain problems, the much hyped wireless earbud, was almost non existent. After its hyped preview, it even missed the holy grail of retail that year, Black Friday.  Some who were lucky enough to grab them early sold them on line. Prices soared up to 3x the retail price on sites like Ebay and other online sellers.  Even 6 months after the December release, they were elusive as ever in stores. If you chose not to scavenger hunt,  you could have ordered online and waited 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Were they worth the hype,  most reviews were positive, but there were complaints about the first generation.  So as you can see, scarcity marketing does work .   But, it is a two edged sword.  Sure the evangelists of your product or service will wait it out, or opine for your next release. A word of warning, the average customer may simply go down the road to a better stocked competitor.

Dragon Frappucinos and Meeting Demand

Sometimes out of scarcity marketing you create a hybrid, hence the Dragon Frappucino,  a makeshift of leftover Unicorn ingredients and standard flavors, this off menu creation is the new drink du jour for the Starbucks fan.  When it comes to your personal marketing, what tack will you take?  Do you think it has draw to win over your customers?  As for Starbucks, until the caffeine addiction lowers, they are in safe territory.  Apple is no different , as the cult of Steve Jobs and Mac ensures they could probably make an iToaster and sell out with lines around the local mall.  For now we shall wait and see where this trend goes. But enough on that today,  I need to go get my morning coffee.

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