All I need to know about SEO I Learned in Kindergarten

“Anything can happen, Anything can be” – Where the Sidewalk Ends

Having good page ranking and strong search engine results for your business can be a maddening misadventure, but it doesn’t always have to be.  In fact, having good page Search Engine results doesn’t have to require a $1,000 plus budget or a book of spells from Harry Potter.  The principles for good SEO are not new, and in fact were taught to each of us a long time ago.

1. Frog was Right  – “Frog & Toad”  The Garden – Arnold Lobel

frog-and-toad-picGrowing up Frog and Toad was one of my favorites, and was passed favorite of my own children. The story of Garden, places Frog and Toad together with Frog having a beautiful garden and Toad wanting one as well. Toad attempts to grow a garden, but with all the action he takes his garden does not seem to grow.  Exhausted toad falls asleep and is awoken by Frog the next day to be shown his seeds are slowly staring to grow.  With SEO it is the same way,  patience and hard work are the name of the over the game.  Good lasting SEO is something that is cultivated with patience and testing and reworking throughout the process.

2. What if you like to smell the Flowers? – The story of Ferdinand – by Munro Leaf

ferdinandThe lessons of Ferdinand are  timeless, in the story of a bull who didn’t want to be a in the bullfight, but simply wanted to sit under his beloved cork tree and smell the flowers.  Everyone in the story wanted Ferdinand to a fierce bull in the arena, but in the end Ferdinand wins out and is allowed to live in peace.  The moral of Ferdinand is knowing who you are and living that out is spite of what others may say.  The same applies with who you are online,  originality matters, be who you are and make it clear. So take a good look at your business, find your cork tree, and tell the world.

Who likes Green Eggs & Ham?   Green Eggs and Ham – Dr. Seuss

green eggsGreen Eggs and Ham should be required reading in every marketing course. The wealth of knowledge dispensed in the simple tale is book to itself, but with SEO it is two fold.  Research what your market is looking for, and lead them from their search to your product.  Selling green eggs is a chore if 9  out of 10 searches in your market is for white eggs, but you can go after this two ways, build to bridge the gap, or niche market the 1 out of 6.  But you don’t know until you research.  And along the way you change that 1 to 2.

Take a look back before going forward –  Where the Sidewalk Ends – Shel Silverstein  

sidewalk ends“For the children, they mark, and the children, they know , The place where the sidewalk ends.” That line will never grow old for me.  Silverstein’s writing never fit into a simple box, and at times with his other writing he caused controversy. But with SEO and in our business the same applies.  Life rarely fits into a simple box,  5 surefire keywords for Bob in Seattle may be totally useless in Florida. In this little walk down memory lane I hope to have challenged you to go back to the basics, Look at who you are, dare to be who that is, look at where you are, and in finding where they meet, go beyond where the sidewalk ends.    -Jeff Lefevre – Dynamic Media Strategies


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