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At Dynamic Media Strategies, we can help with your get past the mystery of good search engine results for your business.  There is no silver bullet for effective SEO. At Dynamic Media Strategies, we work to find out who you are as a business and how we can help you most effectively target your desired customer and market.  Located in America's Heartland, Delaware County, Ohio, we are always working to improve our practices and strategies.  We know each client and market is different, from greater Columbus in Central Ohio to our clients across the country.

search engine results keyword project

SEO Keyword Project

A. Keyword Research Adwords -
B. SEO Testing -
C. Final analysis includes a report page that includes an overall analysis for your site content , industry and geographical search trends , keyword incorporation, search engine test results, and assistance with keyword updates.


Search engine Results SEO management for Ohio

Monthly SEO Management

Monthly SEO site check, website score, Keyword Crawl report, and Site update. Stay ahead in the Search engine results game, and let us help your business keep solid search engine results.

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landing-page-optimization by dynamic media strategies

3 SEO Optimized Landing Pages

Have a domain that is collecting dust? Have niche markets that you want reach wishing your area. Landing pages are great options to let you get better search results for your business, target specific facets of your market, and increase converted sales and leads for your business.  Just $600 for 3. 

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Mobile Website

$500 can get you an SEO and Mobile Ready Website

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Social Media Marketing

At Dynamic Media Strategies, we want to make it easy to start your plan and cost effective for your business. To help we have introduced our Social Media Starter Kit for Business .

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