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More Mobile Growth in 2018

Mobile Growth (Even More!)

It’s no secret that the growth of mobile devices has been on marketer’s radar in the last few years. In the advent of the availability of smartphone technology and rapidly changing and updating screen sizes, chances are that any given member of your target audience has a smartphone.

It is expected that, in 2018, more than 50% of internet users will tap into their mobile devices to carry out their online activities. The most successful marketers will have the ability to structure content and advertising around the moment in which someone picks up their device to log in.

Some marketing trend-spotters are calling this “micro-moments”. These are the small, on-the-spot moments when a person is on their phone, researching a product or surfing the web. In this right, it seems like shoppers are making more impulsive purchase decisions now more than ever.

Furthermore, Google has announced that it will be launching a mobile-prioritizing algorithm in early 2018. This means that Google will be indexing mobile content as a priority and using it to rank results, regardless of how the user logs in.

Check out these trend stats:

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