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A Marketing Question for the Alabama Race, Was it Intrinsic Motivation or Extrinsic Motivation that closed the deal

The dust has sort of settled on the election results for Alabama.  As of this writing, it appears that Doug Jones looks to be the winner in the Alabama Special Election Senate Race.  And my writing hear today is not to take on either of the candidates merits or get into a political argument, but take a marketing perspective.   To stop, remove the noise, the color choices, and look at how it’s relevance translates to the year ahead in 2018 for business.  Was the race and its results impacted the most by intrinsic motivation or extrinsic motivation?

Why does this matter?

I realize most of the nation is probably just glad for this whole affair to be over, so we can get back to things matter around this time of year like family, friends, who is bringing what to the office holiday party, and where your new year’s events are going to be. For those of you who have just awoken from your news junky stupor, you only have 12 DAYS till Christmas, so get shopping. But as businesses and especially a marketers,  we should stop and remove all our polarizations, red state / blue state perspectives, and look at the motivators of this race.  Because within the details are key notations of where we are as a society at large in reference to who market to, and what motivates our sales.

Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic 

As rudimentary as the nature vs. nurture argument, this is crucial to the modern marketer.  Is our path in leading someone to the finish line and closing a sale mostly based on the extrinsic forces we use; from the online marketing,  the lunch meeting, and the friendship we create with our prospective clients?  Or,  is all our hard work  simply the last few grains of sand that tip a preset intrinsic scale toward the client’s decision? In 2018, how much relevance do we have within our our current culture to affect purchasing decisions, if so, how much relevance?

What are the factors? 

Another key item took look at would be how much of Intrinsic led choice vs Extrinsic led choice balance is determined by group?  Does ones generation,  societal subgroup,  or regional location play a greater role in our choices?

I realize these are all up for debates, but that is my greater point.  In our society we sometimes have a disconnect with our discourse on current events and how we run our businesses, yet we seem to often miss reviewing these trends and how they impact our marketing.

So I want to hear your thoughts,  I am currently running a Non-Scientific Poll on Twitter, and I would ask that you cast your vote and share your comments as well.  Again, political perspective is not my goal, but the societal trend of what we buy into and why is.

Look forward to sharing your responses in the coming days.

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