March Madness Marketing

Is your Bracket Busted?

Ask that word to anyone in your office or one of your clients, and it is sure to be a conversation starter Friday morning.

The NCAA Basketball tournament is in full swing for 2019, and the effect is amazing.

Of the top 10 trending searched words/phrases in the last 24 hour per Google in the United States,  9 out of the 10 are related to the tournament.  That is a pretty heavy influence. And not that advertisers have not taken notice.  In 2018 the tournament generated over 1.3 billion in national TV advertising.  Last year commercials for the championship game were running 1.4 to 1.7 million dollars per spot.  And that doesn’t even touch on the money that the colleges generate during this whole fan crazed event.

So as a company how are interacting with the basketball economy.  Many companies fret over stats like the Challenger, Gray, & Christmas Inc. Study that said the tournament costs employers around 1.7 billion in wasted work time of the 16 business days of the tournament.

My challenge is before your turn on your keystroke monitors to overdrive,  block youtube, ESPN, and CBS on you network, and demand doctor’s notes for absences over the next few days,  maybe see how you can capitalize off the national sensation.

So how can you stop  your hate and learn to love the machine?   Here are some fun ideas to consider.

  1.  Offer a March or Hometown Team Promotion   – Got a local or regional team in the tourney?  Offer a win or lose offer.  If they win X% off or a special price on a specific product.  To keep the momentum, you can also set up and if they lose you can offer consolation discount as well.
  2. Have a Giveaway – This takes foresight for next year, but be ready with a theme product or item to coincide with tournament.
  3. Host a Contest – Perfect Bracket contests are well known, but there is still time to do a pick the final four or National Champion.   You can either have challenge for the best pick or having a drawing for a free service or product.
  4.  Social Media – show your fan pride.  Pick a social media Platform and have people enter by showing and sharing themselves dressed up in their school spirit outfit.
  5. If you are a food/drink establishment, having March Madness specials or game watching area can really drive traffic.  Especially since rise of the games being on cable vs. network.


If you have ideas to share on your March Madness Marketing, let us know.  On Twitter or on Facebook.


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