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March Madness Marketing

Is your Bracket Busted? Ask that word to anyone in your office or one of your clients, and it is sure to be a conversation starter Friday morning. The NCAA Basketball tournament is in full swing for 2019, and the effect is amazing. Of the top 10 trending searched words/phrases in the last 24...

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The Death of An Inbox

Google Inbox Goes Away the End of March. In case you missed the Memo, Google Inbox will be fazed out the end of March 2019. The handy app is still able to be downloaded, but not for long. Some have taken to to Vent their frustration. It’s currently sitting at over 9,700 signatures....

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Nano Boss Pros

Nano Boss Pros (NBP) is the revolutionary product that allows you to easily build a streaming network or TV channel of content for your business, hobby, band, or industry. NBP allows you to build entire streaming and television channels automatically. You can publish massive amounts of content with just a click of a button....

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Live Leads

Live Leads,  Your Business Solution to Direct Communication With Your Website Visitors. Ever look at your website analytics and wonder why so many people visit your site and do nothing? Ever wanted to connect with people who visited your website, but not be tethered to your computer or trust a bot to hopefully get...

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Hitting Your Target

Are You Meeting Your Sales Targets? Do you Wonder Why Your Stats Show Traffic to your site, but No One is sticking around? Then you may need a Website Update. The industry standard line is to try to constantly trash someones site and slick sell them a new site that will solve all their...

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Unicorns, Dragons, and Airpods Oh My!

The Elusive Unicorn Frappuccino I never got to taste a Unicorn Frappuccino® .  Here in Ohio, rumors of getting one at the time, was on par with a Cleveland Browns win.  But the mania to find them even over took our small pocket of the Midwest.  People scouring their social media to see where...

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The Innovators by Walter Isaacson

If you a looking for a good history lesson on the digital revolution, or ever wondered how we got to here, The Innovators is a fantastic read for thought provoking perspective and great candid quotes.  If you have read “Steve Jobs” authorized biography, you are not a stranger to Isaacson’s style.  His in-depth style...

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Google Analytics February 2019 Update

What’s New With Google Analytics this Month? If you use Google as a marketing tool, then you hopefully have a connected Google Analytics Account. This Month Google continues to extend what the service includes and can connect to. Dynamic audiences in Google Analytics for Firebase Better Connections for Google Analytics 360 Salesforce Sales Cloud ...

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