A 2018 Website Update for your business

It’s hard to believe 2018 is almost here. Is your business ready for New Year? Here are 4 key things you should use to review your 2018 website update.

What is your Site Score?

Knowing your website score can give you an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of your website.

We offer a website report that covers the key areas of:

SEO: How strong are your keywords and is there consistency? Are your Meta Descriptions assistive to your SEO?  Are there bad links from old sitemaps affecting your score?

Usability: The Usability of your website across desktop and mobile devices is important to maximize user time on page. Also, search Engines use this as a ranking signal, and websites with better Usability factors generally convert higher.

Performance:  Page load speed and performance is important to ensure a positive user experience. Is your server is performing optimally? Are there large files, images, or plugins that are dragging your site?

Social Media: Social Activity is important for brand awareness and repeat visitors. Could your social media be a lot better? Make sure to connect all your social media profiles and run social campaigns to generate awareness.

Security: Security is important to ensure your site doesn’t get compromised and experience data loss or downtime. Is your security at risk?

What are your Analytic Results?

Another key part of your 2018 website update is stopping to see what you did in the past year, and if there are any trends you need to improve or change.  Is your website linked up to Google Analytics? If not, please stop reading this article, and follow the steps in this video  How to Setup Google Analytics on Youtube. Log in to your account and pull the annual reports for your site Audience Overview, Pages Viewed, Channels to Your Site, and your Geo Location.  These items will give a perspective on how much you have grown with new viewers, where people are coming to your site from, how people are reaching your site, and what pages people are viewing the most.

What happens to be your Google Search Trends?

Are you connected to your Google Search Console?  If not, please watch this video.  If you are connected with your google search console,  you should log in and check a few items.

First, take a look at Search Traffic and look at your Search Analytics. This will give you a bird’s eye view of google queries and clicks to your page, and calls to your site.

Click under Crawl and look at the following items “Fetch as Google”, Robot.txt tester, and Sitemaps.  If you have not “fetched” your site in awhile, fetch and render your website, both as mobile and as a desktop.  The Robot.txt test is easy, it just makes sure that Google can easily crawl your site.

Lastly is sitemaps. If your website is older, this is an important item to check. Google now looks for sitemaps in an XML Format. You can test if your site has an XML sitemap by adding/sitemap.xml to the end of your website extension,  such as getbettersearchengineresults.com/sitemap.xml. If after running this test you see you have a functioning sitemap enter it into the open field, test that it works and then submit to Google. If you discover that do not have a sitemap,  you can contact us for help, check with your site manager, or you can look up many tutorials online that match your site’s structure. There are many more insights available from search console, which we will be covering in a future blog.

What is your Keyword Density?

Per Wikipedia: Keyword density is the percentage of times a keyword or phrase appears on a web page compared to the total number of words on the page. In the terms of SEO, keyword density is typically used to determine if a web page was relevant to a specified keyword or keyword phrase.

It is typically asked if keyword density matters, well, yes and no. Google and other search engines are now smarter. The days of making sure you have your keyword such as, “Potato”,  used in every sentence possible, no matter how inappropriate, are gone.

“Stuffing” or “spamming” can hurt your site; now the question is, what is good density? Most would say that density for natural writing is nearly 1- 5%. Looking for some online tools for your site, check out:  https://www.seocentro.com/tools/seo/keyword-density.html. We at Dynamic Media Strategies hope you find it helpful with your future writing and page content updates.

Further tasks for your 2018 website update

Hopefully, our 2018 website update helps you ring your site in with good results for the New Year. If you have further issues you need to discuss such as email marketing, Adwords results, Backlinks,  Plugin problems, or other web or marketing issues, please let us.   We hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday from our family to yours… at Dynamic Media Strategies, Columbus, Ohio.



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